To set or not to set? Standards.

Through the first assessment block this year, I came out of it stress-free with a first or second rank in all of my classes. The second assessment block has come around and may I just say – I’m drowning in stress. My mother has informed me that it’s not that people have high expectations of me, it’s that I’ve set high standards for myself. Comforting? Not at all. It’s as if everyone is finding a peephole into my life and they’re all waiting for me to fail. Comment if I’m not the only one who feels like this sometimes and we can comfort eachother and possibly procrastinate together?


Smart or nerdy – Is there a difference?

Today is the day I became.. drumroll please.. a four eyes. Yes, I’ve gotten my first pair of glasses and yes, it has made me question whether I look smarter, or just plain nerdy. Then I caught myself wondering if there was a difference. For me, someone that is smart has a university degree, is very intelligent and quick-witted, and knows exactly what they want to do with every possible aspect of their life. Then, there’s the nerdy. Which in my opinion is someone who spends mostly all of their time reading, playing PC games and has very strong opinions on things such as history or current events such as the almost civil war in Egypt. I mean, yeah I’m coming first in all but two of my classes, I have an unhealthy obsession with cute stationary and I spend most of my free time reading one of my many (up to three bookcases now!) novels but I’ve been called a nerd and I’ve been called smart all in a matter of hours since I got my news specs which also makes me wonder – how can people make a judgement of your personality on such a thing as glasses?

Can anyone really change?

I have recently endeavoured on one of my many diets lifestyle changes. Beginning today, I packed my lunch (only the healthiest food, of course!), went for an 8 kilometre walk/jog with my dog and resisted the delicious temptation that is Wonka chocolate. I understand that it takes time to change but what happens when you lose the weight? (Or tone up in my case.) Do you stop trying or do you keep going until you’re disgustingly shredded. Even after you change to fit into that routine, can you get out of it?

Curiousness of Anonymity.

It’s a strange feeling, that of anonymity. It gives a sense of immense confidence in being able to write as much of what you want where no one can actually judge you, just the perception of yourself which you place out ‘there’. Wherever ‘there’ is, who knows? Croatia? Russia? The USA? I could be anywhere in the world yet you would only know me as the teenager who rejoices in being anonymous. Curious, isn’t it?